Neverwinter – A Paladin’s Journey (Part 1)

Watch part 1 of my Sun Elf Paladin, Jibril, attempting to not die as I play my way through Neverwinter on the Playstation 4. I will be playing through the game as best I can and chronicling my adventures as I go, partly as entertainment but partly to explore how it the game measures up... Continue Reading →


A Retro Retrospective

Not long ago, a local video game store had a huge sale on their retro games: buy one, get a 2nd for 50% off. There was no way I could pass up at least looking around (and between you and me, I walked out of there with more than a few new-to-me games). But what... Continue Reading →

[REVIEW] Fatal Frame

The start of the best survival horror series you've never played. More people have heard of Fatal Frame 2 than any other entry in the Fatal Frame series, and it's always struck me as a little bit strange that the first game in the series doesn't get as much attention. Yes, the sequel certainly has... Continue Reading →


Falling on my head like a memory. Rain's premise immediately caught my attention. An invisible protagonist who can only be seen as an outline when the rain pours down on him? This could go so many interesting places, and I was eager to see what the developers did with the concept. On the run from... Continue Reading →

[REVIEW] Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth

SMT meets .hack, and by damn, it works! Digimon is one of those enduring franchises. It's been around since the 90s, has reached people in many different forms, is often considered a cheap Pokemon ripoff, and it's still going strong today. I've been a fan of the franchise for years, really, almost back to its... Continue Reading →

[REVIEW] Emily Is Away

Come back, Emily! And bring my heart with you! It would be easy to dismiss Emily Is Away at first glance. A free game on Steam, achievements that seem pretty easy to acquire, not much in the way of total playtime. I played it from start to finish in about half an hour, not including... Continue Reading →

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